Cause based movements


“Anonymous” is a group of hackers that are distributed across the globe. They are not typical hackers. They works for a cause. They are awesome. The way they hack and disclose things to public is just great. The way they protest and fight is great. I do not agree with everything they do but I try to follow them. Check out my article to get more information on this group.

Julia Assange

He is an Australian publisher and journalist known for his website WikiLeaks. He showed us the what top governments are doing and how dirty politics is done. His story is amazing.

Edward Snowden

I am still confused about this man. But the things he has revealed are just jaw dropping. Today, we are living in a post Snowden era where we are more aware of privacy and surveillance concerns. Snowden told us how NSA and other 1st world countries are spying and controlling people. It is mind boggling that how someone can leave his 6 figure job to go against the US government and reveal something that violate US national interest. He is currently living in Russia and cannot go back to US. His story is amazing. Watch the following video.

Aaron Swartz

I never realized the contribution of Aaron in todays internet until I heard that a young boy committed suicide. I did some research and realized he was a child prodigy. He contributed to RSS protocol at the age of 14. How cool is that ? He helped in stopping the SOPA and PIPA bill. Yea, he really did. It was an impossible task and he went against everything. Check out my following article to learn more about SOPA and PIPA

I highly recommend watching his documentary movie “The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz”. You will never regret watching this documentary.

Aaron Swartz – The Internets own boy


Amazing stories

Now comes the most awesome section. It contains stories that are just terrifying and amazing at the same time. They make me think twice and see the world from a different perspective.

Project HAARP

This project seems just evil. HAARP is an antenna where you beam high radio frequency waves (A billion Watt beam :O) in the space. The beams get deflected by the ionosphere and using the beam you can target any enemy state. You can create fake earth quakes using this technology. :O :O. Pure evil. Watch the documentary.

Weather warfare

This one is just mind blowing. It will shake your soul. It will make you feel bad as a human. As the name says, you can control weather to do evil stuff. You can create fake rains, fake earth quakes, control lighting and can control clouds. Watch the following documentary. Watch all the parts of this documentary.

Dark Web

I would’t say much here. Watch the documentary here.

I will try to keep this list updated with the new content that I find online.