Hello All,

Today, i will share my experience about Freelancing. I have been doing freelancing for about 7 months now and things have worked pretty good for me uptil now. I have learnt new things, earned money and most of all i have a strong profile that can get me most of the jobs on freelance sites. I have bought so many things from the freelance money like Android phone, LCD, Gaming mouse, saturday night McDonalds home delieveries and many more .Lets track back and see what i did.


At first i was not aware of the word Freelancer. So, it is good to know some theory. Here is a good definition from wikipedia

“A freelancerfreelance worker, or freelance is somebody who is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long term.”

This is what i have concluded

“A freelancer is a happy employee who works when he wants to work and changes jobs so frequently that his boss never gets a chance to do anything.” – Behorz Sikander

Ok. How can then we Freelance ?

There are different ways by which we can freelance like the following

  • Freelance Websites
  • Local Clients
  • International Clients
  • etc

Freelance Websites

There are different sites available that can help you get projects. Naming a few

They give you 100% guarenteed work if you are willing. You can get your money from almost anywhere in the world and they provide you with wide range of employers. They also provide you with softwares that help you in managing things. They also provide you with projects that range from data entry to enterprise level applications.

Local Clients

You can also get projects from local market, relatives and people around you.

  • This is generally difficult
  • People donot pay much(it has different reasons and will discuss it in some blog).
  • You cannot RUN (kidding 🙂 )
  • You have to do everything on your own.

International Clients

If you have links outside your country then you can go global and get projects from other parts of the worlds

  • Very difficult to get projects
  • People never believe you
  • No Payment guarantee
  • You can get more/less money (depends on what you have – Hen or an ostrich – In the end everything gets down to Egg :P)



Now, i am jumping to my experience and will show the summary of what i have learnt. I will make headings to make things more clear

Define your skill set

First, you need to write down your skill set. This is very important otherwise you will end up losing your clients. So, get a pen and write down everything you know it can be anything like (You can get a list of categories here https://www.odesk.com/jobs/?clear_button=1)

  • Data Entry
  • DBA
  • Programming
  • Technical Writing
  • Email marketing
  • Accounting
  • etc

Identify – where you are different from others

Next step is to identify, where you can beat everyone. That will be the key on which you will market yourself. This is important and you must rethink . In case you end up having nothing in your bag then no problemo you can still get projects. Here are some samples of what you can write

  • Facebook game developer
  • Automated Data Entry
  • MS Sql DBA
  • Algorithm Develper
  • Programming Article writer

What i have done a few lines back ? I have made things more specific and unique. If you are good at Algorithms then this will make you different from 90% of the programmers and by doing so you are ensuring that whenever any project related to Algorithms is posted it will be yours or atleast you have more chances then others.

This is one trick that i have learnt to get attention of employers. (btw i have Algorithm develper in my profile and i get alot of job offers only on this basis)

Complete your Profile

When ever you signup on any website, do complete your profile. If you will not have a complete profile then most of the employers will just move ahead. So it is important and must done properly. A few things that should be added and that add value to your profile are

  • Your Education
  • Your Work Experience
  • Your Portfolio
  • A small description – Why the employer should hire you.
  • Any certification that you have done
  • Inshort anything that will make your profile strong.

Be Honest

Everything you write should be honest/fair. Dont write too much that you cannot handle. Always be honest with your clients they wont eat you if you do something wrong. Just tell them honestly and they will help you sort out the problem. I have tried it and it works.


I believe that but what you have to get you will get it. Its up to you that you want water or a frog in it. (Yukkkkkkkk ! bad joke).

Prepare Demos

This is my best trick ever. I have alot of demos on desktop and they are part of the proposal every time. This is the biggest impact that you have on your client. On the first site on your proposal he is sure that Keeeeeeed knows something. So, try to prepare one for every skill set.

Complete the Project

If you get a project then complete the project. Give your best and let the employer enjoy the work for which he has paid you. If you leave a project then it has many disadvantages

  • You loose your trust level
  • You loose a possible canditate on your portofolio
  • You loose future possible projects
  • Your profiles gets a negative impact

End on Good Notes

Always end the project on good notes. Even if things went wrong try to end it smoothly. By doing this you are ensuring

  • Future work
  • Good rating by employer
  • Bonus (Yes! you also get a bonus)

I have done many projects by just doing this. Once, i was not even selected for the project but i replied to the client nicely and in the very next project he asked me to do it.

Keep following a project

If a client is slow,lazy and even does not have a project then still keep emailing him after a week or 2. I bet whenever he will have a project you will be on the top of the list. Keep emailing him in nice words, update him about your skills and etc.

You wont believe, i had one client who used to reply too late. He posted a project and replied to my proposal after 4 days and it took 1 month to even get the project. There were 21 other candidates and what was i doing different ? I kept on posting messages like

  • Sir, are you interested?
  • I have studied your details and i understand pretty much everything
  • Sir, i have the setup ready when can i start ?
  • Will i be working on your machine or mine ?
  • and other

And VOILA !!! i got the project + 2 others following that by the very same employer. So, you see things actually work.

Choose the Right project

Always hit the right project, if you know almost 60% of it then you can go for it and try your level best to get that. Write a smart proposal and keep following it.

Right Customer

Before posting the proposal, study the client. See his work history, the amount of money he has spent and what was his rating and what were the comments given to him by his employees. This can bring wonders to your life

  • A customer who post many projects can be your long term employer.
  • You can get alot of money from just a single employer.
  • Once you get to know him, he will care for you.

Right Time

Well, this is something new for me too and i think it is very important. (A friend of mine told me this and i think he is right). While studying your client try to find out in which country he lives and then calculate the time difference of your country and his country.Then, Avoid contacting the client on weekends and try to contact him in weekdays and in HIS office timings. This will help alot i am sure and you will get quick responses too.

Never do a project if you are not sure about the payment method

Alot of employers, post a project on a website and on completion they ask the employee to give his personal id so they can work directly. NEVER DO THIS. Ask him to again post a project on the site, this will make sure that he will pay your money. Just to save a few dollars you might end you losing alot.

Work yourself for atlest 1 years

You should work yourself for first few years so that you gain solid skill set and after that add some team to enhace your work. But believe me if you are not strong on what you do then people will cheat you.


Most of the people reading this, will do Freelancing as a second resource of earning. So, dedication is fully required in first 6 months. This is the period where you are building client’s database, profile and skill set. You should put your full effort in making this period successful.


Employers mostly have more trust on companies as they have registered sites and have proper support system. So, after working for a year you should make a team and form a company. This will increase your earning alot.





This is pretty much everything that i have learnt. I might have missed a few but i will list them whenever i recall them.

You can always guide and correct me. For this either drop a comment below or an email from contact us.