– Never expect anything from others. In the time of need, nobody comes.

– Try to make people feel special on their big days. Nobody asks for it but they always need it.

– Criticizing yourself is the best way to improve.

– Stay positive. It helps.

– Never undersell yourself.

– Time will pass.

– Dream big, try to work hard and success will follow.

– Be humble, you did good in your circumstances. Not everybody is lucky enough.

– Experience failure, it makes you brave.

– Never get addicted to anything. You will spend a lot of time just recovering from it.

– Never tell your weakness to anybody. First they will appreciate it, then use it against you.

– Insecurity leads to nervousness.

– Everything is based on give-take relationship (except the love from parents and siblings)

– Things are┬ácomplex because you were not part of the beginning.

– Persistence and Evolution is the key to success. Build small and evolve.

– Perfection cannot be achieved but should always be aimed.

– Always compete with old “you”.

– Sometimes its okay to take a step back to take a leap forward.

– Want to know “Who are you ?” ? Your history has all the answers. If you have repeated something it is either your strength or weakness.

– Mentors are very important. Find them in the form of books, videos and people.

– People only hear what they want to hear.

– Profiles are for others. They sometimes derail you from what’s important.