We all have seen Microsoft and Apple at there best but check out the following videos.

Apple Fail!!!


Steve Job’s Iphone Demo Fail

Steve job’s ┬átries to Demo’s the new iPhone with new features but when he starts the app an error pops up. He tries alot and even ask the audience to shutdown there wifi’s.

Apple’s bloopers

This video is a mix of apple bloopers. It show cases the apple’s failure at different conferences.


Microsoft Fail!!!!!

Bill Gates gets Blue Screen on Conan

Hahahaha!! this video is just great. Bill Gates tries to show his new product and a blue screen error pops up. The anchor then starts joking about it. Hilarious!!

Window’s 98 Crashes on Live TV

Windows98 crashes when Bill Gates and his co-presenter tries to present there product on Live TV.

Blue Screen at Windows Vista Launch

Windows Vista sucks!! On the launch of windows vista, the microsofts hallmark bug appeared, Blue screen error.

Enjoy!! If you have more cool videos regarding these people then leave a link in the comment. I will add them in this post after the commenters name.